The Mystery Brides Return - Mystery Monday

(Original Image and Text, Copyright (c) 2011 Cynthia Shenette) I posted the last wedding photo from my mystery collection back in October 2010. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have a large collection of mystery photos, many of them wedding photos.

Here's the latest couple to appear in our wedding parade. What can I tell you about this lovely bride and groom? Unfortunately not much. My guess is they were members of the Polish community in Worcester, MA. They probably got married at St. Mary's Church (Our Lady of Czestochowa). Given the short dress on the bride, they were probably married sometime in the 1920s.

Please comment if you recognize the happy couple, or take a look at my other mystery photos if you are looking for wedding photos of Polish ancestors who married in Worcester, MA between 1900 and 1930. I'd love to be able to "give the bride away," to a family member who does not have a photo of their ancestor's wedding.

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Barbara Poole said...

I've come to the conclusion that somebody in your family worked in the photographers studio. Is that an idea? How else would they get all these wedding photos, also are they all from the same studio? Knowing you, you will get to the bottom of this.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Barbara - Thank you for your comment!

To my knowledge no one in the family was a photographer. My best guess is that my grandmother and great-grandmother who were seamstresses made the wedding dresses, or my grandmother sang at their weddings and was given a photo in return. The more I think about it, and given the time period of most of these photos (1900 to 1930), I'm betting on the seamstress angle. The photography studios that are printed on the photos are all different.

Hopefully I will figure it out some day. ;)

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful picture! I hope you find out who they are someday. :)

Heather Rojo said...

Perhaps these are all relatives? When the answers come rolling in, you might be pleasantly surprised!