Trip to Poland: June 4, 1937 - Aboard the M.S. Pilsudski

[Travel Diary Entry]

Date June 4. 1937
M.S. Pilsudski 
Line Gdynia America

3rd Day 24 mins ahead sailed 486 miles

(Passenger List in the Collection of Cynthia Shenette; Text Copyright (c) 2017 Cynthia Shenette)  My aunt traveled on ship to Poland with with two friends from Worcester, MA: Mrs. Kasimiera (also known as Katherine) Gralicka (Gralicki) and her two young daughters, Miss Alicia Gralicka and Miss Danuta Gralicka; and Mrs. Bronislawa (also known as Halina) Pomianowska (Pomianowski).

While I don't have time right now, my hope is to post the names of all of the passengers on this voyage sometime later this year.  If you area related to someone who took this voyage and would like an image of their name in the passenger list feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to scan it for you.

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