Trip to Poland: June 5, 1937 - Aboard the M.S. Pilsudski

[Travel Diary Entry]

Date June 5. 1937
M.S. Pilsudski
Line Gdynia America

4th Day, rough sailing, 424 miles, 32 minutes ahead

(Brochure in the Collection of Cynthia Shenette; Text Copyright (c) Cynthia Shenette)  According to The Ships List the M.S. Pilsudski had 370 "tourist class" cabins and 400 "3rd class" cabins. My Aunt Helen traveled "tourist class." A brochure produced by the Gdynia-American Line proclaims, "Tourist Class is Top Class." The conveniences on board "...assure a high degree of graceful living: Large sun and promenade decks, veranda cafes, American bars, sumptuous social halls, modern ventilated dining room, children's playroom, tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, short and long wave radio stations, music receiving and distributing stations, and an automobile garage." Interestingly automobiles were "...accepted, uncrated, for transportation as excess baggage, at moderate rates..."

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