Trip to Poland: June 3, 1937 - Aboard the M.S. Pilsudski

[Travel Diary Entry]

Date June 3. 1937
Line Gdynia America

2nd Day 40 minutes ahead sailed 426 [miles]

(Greeting card in the collection of Cynthia Shenette; Text copyright (c) 2017 Cynthia Shenette) Well wishes from the friends at home. Names on the card are friends/family of my Aunt Helen who was very active in the Polish community in Worcester, MA. If you had relatives living in Worcester on Vernon Hill, with businesses in the Millbury St. business district, or active in St. Mary's church take a look at the list of people who signed the card. You might find someone there you know!

Signers are: Rose Olskey, Mrs. Matuszyk, Helen Bruinsma, Mary Mulic, Helen Miller, Anna Szarejko, Mrs. Lewandowska, Sophie Konopka, Christine, Rose Miller, Jane Zaleski, Mary Lemanski, Vicky Szarkiewicz, Jane Sac[?], Anna Kulesza, Vi Koniski, Mrs. Nabozna, Mrs. Stokosa, Mrs. Buynicka, Mrs. Wojsiak, Mrs. Kaminska, Charlotte Kaminska, Stella Lewanas, Blanche Cyborowski, Mary Dumas, Mrs.Jablonski, Zendzians (2), Mrs.Turecka, Mrs. Gembaka, Eva Cove, Mrs. Fedeli, Mrs.Jos Fedeli, Helene Birch, Regina, Helen Bulak, Hilda Bulak, Mrs. Bulak, Mrs. Wiejniak

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