The Shenette Family - Wordless Wednesday

(Original Image and Text Copyright (c) 2011 Cynthia Shenette) This is the only photo I have of my father as a child and the only one I have of him and his siblings together. My dad, Henry A. Shenette (1916-1985), is the boy with the knickers at the bottom. I think he was about 13 when this photo was taken. Pictured clockwise from the top are Leo, Edward, Margaret, Richard, Henry (dad), and Bertha. Raymond is the little boy in the woman's lap. There was one more sibling, not shown, who was probably not born yet when this photo was taken, for eight in all. I don't know who the older woman in the middle is. I remember years ago I asked my dad if she was his mother, and he said no. He said she was an aunt. No name was mentioned. I don't know for certain, but she might be Josephine, their father Frank Shenette's sister. I mentioned Josephine in my Amanuensis Monday post, The Death and Funeral of Charles Senecal. I know Josephine lived in Worcester at the time this photo was taken, and the woman looks as if she could be the right age. There is also a Shenette family resemblance.

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Susan Clark said...

Great photo! There's such a clear feeling that they're ready to get back to whatever they were doing before they were corralled and told to just sit still for a moment.

Nancy said...

You know what? I can definitely see the family resemblance between you and your dad! He was a very good looking boy.

It's interesting to see him in knickers at 13 years. My father commented about how long it took him to get out of short pants but never mentioned how old he was. Perhaps he was 13, too....

Cynthia Shenette said...

Nancy and Susan - Thank you for your comments!

Susan - You are right. They do look like they are ready to take off at any minute! This is the only early family photo I have of them, and the more I think about it I wonder if it was a special occasion of some kind with everyone dressed up and then having their photo taken.

Nancy thank you! Most people think I look exactly like my mom, but I do think there are some similarities between me and my dad. Most people don't notice, but you must have a good eye for details! As for the knickers, my dad's family had very little money, so I suspect they were hand-me-downs from another sibling. They all look dressed up for some reason, so my dad may have had to wear whatever fit. Interesting observation though. Your comment made me think about the photo a little differently.