Trip to Poland: June 29, 1937 - Warsaw

Roman Gzell Playing the Violin, Celina (Szerejko) Gzell in Photograph on Wall

Krystyna Szerejko, Mieczyslaw Szerejko
[Travel Diary Entry]

June 29 - 1937 Tuesday /
Same / 
Swieto Sw Piotra i Pawla [Holy Saints Peter and Paul] / 

Up at 8.30 sat and talked until / 4 P.M. F. Szerejo went at 11A.M. / to a meeting and came home feeling / very happy with a pkg. chocolate / At 4 P.M. had dinner and went / to Celina Gzell found her and / husband very congenial. Mr. Gzell played the violin very good, had / fruit candy pastry and tea. / at 9 P.M. went to Henryk Szerejkos / found them very interesting. but / very worn. H. looks very sickly / the children also, oldest girl / Krysia 12 very small and thin / Mieczyslaw 10 chubby but small / and Wieslawa 3 did not see her / talked and made merry until 12 P.M / F.S. had plenty in but very happy. / home at 1 P.M. [a.m.?]

June 29 is the name day for Saints Peter and Paul.

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