Doughboys With Their Flu Masks - Wordless Wednesday

(Digital Image.  Photograph Privately Held By Cynthia Shenette; Photograph and Text, Copyright (c) 2013 Cynthia Shenette)  I found this World War I image in my collection a while back.  I decided to save it for flu season.  Unfortunately, flu season is here.  My grandfather, Adolf Szerejko, is the man on the far right. According to the back of the photograph the image was taken in "Oily Sein, Paris," and the front says, "A.S.M. A.A.A.P.I 102." 

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Grant Davis said...

This is a great photo. Funny you should mention flu season. I have the flu today, or something like it. At least I have something to do.

Nancy said...

Cynthia, you just received the Illuminating Blogger Award. You can learn more about it at Congratulations!

Kristin said...

I hope they all made it through alive. I wonder when they put the masks on.