A Charlie Brown Tree, All Grown Up - Wordless Wednesday

Cynthia Shenette and Henry Shenette
(Original Images and Text, Copyright (c) 2011 Cynthia Shenette) What the heck is going on with that tree?  It kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree except bigger.  I look as if I'm about two in the photo. We didn't have any pets at time so I can't blame the mess with the tinsel on a cat or a dog. Hmm.  I wonder what got into the tree?  Me perhaps? That might explain the grumpy little look on my face.  An attitude adjustment definitely seems to be in order.

Clearly I am much happier in this photo.  There's nothing like a new set of wheels to put a smile on one's face!

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1 comment:

Kristin said...

if we wait too late to get our tree and end up using the sickly cedar in the yard, it will match that one, except for the odd shape!