Heritage Zen Dives In: NaBloPoMo!

(Copyright (c) 2011 Cynthia Shenette) This is usually one of the busiest times of year for me, so I can't believe I'm signing on for this, but NaBloPoMo here I come.  I've already started out well haven't I?  According to the NaBloPoMo rules I should post every day for the month of November. I've already missed November 1.  That's kind of like the rest of my life, a day late an a dollar short as my dad use to say.  Well, I'll try to make up for it by posting twice today.

I'm going to take NaBloPoMo and put a slightly different twist on it.  I'm going to tell my entire family history, starting with my great-grandparents, with photographs over the month of November.   I've been thinking about this for a while, but I never seem to get around to actually doing it.  I don't really have time for it right now, but I'm going to live on the edge and step out of my comfort zone.  (This is as close to the edge of anything as I am likely to get, by the way.  I'm sure you know people like me--the mom who checks out the safety equipment before letting her kid join the chess club and has hand sanitizer stuffed in every pocket.  Yep, that's me.) 

I have hundreds, perhaps thousands of great photos and slides, and could probably post a photo a day and not run out of images to post for several years.  What's the old saying, a picture tells a thousand words?  Well, that's a good thing, because the text in my posts will be minimal.  Think of it as 30 consecutive days of Wordless Wednesdays in story form.

So here we go.  I'm going to give NaBloPoMo a shot, and barring any unforeseen circumstances (like a call from my son's school saying my kid is throwing up and to come and collect him) will post a family photo each day for November.  I'm throwing caution to the wind!  Next year who knows, maybe I'll push the envelope even further and try bungee jumping or sky diving!  Why the possibilities are endless!

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Sherri said...

Good Luck! I'm going to give it a go also. October was so busy for me that I haven't read my blogs so didn't know about it until this morning. I missed November 1st, also, but I will try not to miss any days the rest of the month.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Good luck, Sherri! I too am behind on all of my blog reading. What's important is to get started and then to keep it going. Maybe we should start our own support group!

Barbara Poole said...

Cindy, I'm looking forward to this large undertaking. Can't wait for #2 later today! Think of what you will have at the end, enough for a book.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a great plan! I signed up for it too. So far I've covered both days. Can't wait to read your entire family history with photos in 30 days!

Cynthia Shenette said...

Barbara - I think you are right. I will have enough for a book when I finish. Interestingly, just putting these pieces together I'm already identifying gaps in information which is helpful in and of itself.

Kristin - Good for you! I'm glad you are giving NaBloPoMo a try as well! Good luck, and I hope you achieve your goal!

Thank you both for your comments!

Jasia said...

Good luck, Cynthia! Honestly, I've never heard of NaBloPoMo. If I had, I'd have probably signed on to do it for Creative Gene. As it is, I'll content myself with doing it on my Photography Gene blog where I have already posted each day in November. Cheers!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Oh goodie! I love stories especially picture books!

Cynthia Shenette said...

Thanks for reading, Michelle!