Not So Wordless Wednesday: View from "Grandmother's House"

(Original Images and Text, Copyright (c) 2010 Cynthia Shenette) Thanks to our GPS (For insight into our previous travails regarding our Thanksgiving trek, see here.) we managed to successfully navigate our way over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house in upstate New York. My in-laws are located in the heart of the beautiful, bucolic Mohawk River Valley.

Here are a few photos taken at grandmother's house.

The barn on my in-laws' family homestead. The family has lived in the same place for over 200 years.

The "girls" grazing across the street. I got a little nervous when they all came running over to me while I was trying to take their picture. I wondered if they somehow thought I was involved in the milking process. The Mohawk River is between the tree line and the hill in the distance.

My son's first snowman of the season. There wasn't much snow, but he and my husband managed to put this wee snowman together. Mr. Snow is a rather forlorn looking little fellow. He kind of has the same look on his face that I did when I found out the pumpkin pie was gone...

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Nolichucky Roots said...

Gorgeous. One of the truly beautiful parts of the world.

Kerry Scott said...

That looks like a beautiful place to visit...and the last one cracked me up.

Greta Koehl said...

The cows flock to me, too. We probably look and sound like the people who bring food.

Jennifer said...

What a neat place! How special to have had it in the family for that long. I went to upstate New York for the first time this past May. It was such a beautiful area.

Barbara Poole said...

Wonderful photos, more so, because they are meaningful to you and your family. Thanks for sharing these. (I wish they had a B&B.)