Trip to Poland: July 7, 1937 - Warsaw

[Travel Diary Entry]

July 7 - 1937 Wednesday /
Warsaw. F. Szerejko /

Up at 9.30 breakfast as usual / later went to the city shopping / until 3.30 P.M. dinner at 4 P.M. / then rested until 6.15 / dressed and with the children went to the movies.  The play / Dorozkarz #13 [Cabman Number 13]. very comical / title roles St. [Stanislaw] Sielanski / the Mother roles [Mieczyslaw] Cwiklinska / arrived home @ 10. P.M. supper / and rest for the night.

(Image and Text Copyright (c) 2017 Cynthia Shenette) YouTube and the Internet are wonderful things.  Where else can you find and watch an 80 year old Polish movie? And yes I did watch the whole thing. It is still reasonably amusing, given contemporary senses, and no, I don't understand Polish.  At least it was only an hour.  I agree with my aunt.  It was comical.  I enjoyed the actors and the scenes of Polish and contemporary 1930s life. The lesson learned is if you are looking for something Google it, because you never know what you might find!  

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