Trip to Poland: July 4, 1937 - Warsaw

Left to Right: Helen Bulak, Feliks Szerejko, Leokadia (Szymanska) Szerejko
Lazienki Park

Left to Right: Aleksander Szerejko, Leokadia (Szymanska) Szerejko,
Feliks Szerejko, Lazienki Park

Left to Right: Helen Bulak, Feliks Szerejko, Leokadia (Szymanska) Szerejko
In Front of Monument to Jan Sobieski III, Lazienski Park

Left to Right: Feliks Szerejko, Leokadia (Szymanska) Szerejko, Aleksander Szerejko
In Front of South Facade of Lazienki Palace

Left to Right: Leokadia (Szymansak) Szerejko, Helen Bulak
In Front of Monument to Chopin, Lazienki Palace

Lazienki Palace, North Facade

Julia Bielska
[Travel Diary Entry]

July 4 - 1937 Sunday / 
Warsaw, Feliks Home /

Up at 8 A.M. went to Mass for / 9 with Olesi [Alex / Alexander Szerejko] home for breakfast / Went to Lazienki Park / haen't seen anything so beautiful / Park received its name for the / Lazienki [Baths] make them.  The Palace / of Zygmont [Stanislaw?] 2 Poniatowski who / lived their not very large but / beautifull (sic). In the park are / beautiful Statues of the Great Music Composer Chopin also / Jan Sobieski fighting the Turks / the streets and alleys are something / unusual such tall trees and weeping / willows, blue spruce. The / Palace decorated with white petunias / and red geraniums the colors of / Poland. Took snapshots / Mr. + Mrs. [Szerejko] Oles and myself. / Orchestra Playing in the Park / surrounded by Garden of Tables / where lunch can be served. / Drove home through Aleje [Avenue] Uzazdowskie / had dinner rested a few minutes / and went visiting to Pani Julia / Bielska. found her a very / pleasant person and very lively / for 58 yrs of age.  Had lunch their / (sic) after 7 P.M. Mrs. Szerejko came / had lunch also. then we all / talked and made merry until / 9.30 left for home and bed / @ 11.30 P.M.

(Photographs and Text, Copyright (c) 2017 Cynthia Shenette)

Swan, Lazienki Park

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