Trip to Poland: June 9, 1937 - Aboard the M.S. Pilsudski

Danuta Gralicka, Front Left; Helen Bulak, Center, Alica Gralicka, Front Right
Kasimera Gralicka, Boleslawa Pomianowska

[Travel Diary Entry]

Date June 9. 1937
M.S. Pilsudski
Line Gdynia American

8th Day, Land, Farewell dinner

(Program in the Collection of Cynthia Shenette; Image and Text Copyright (c) 2017 Cynthia Shenette)  The program is for an "entertainment" on board the M.S. Pilsudski entitled, "Galaxy of Stars, graciously offered by the passengers of the M.S. Pilsudski." The Galaxy Stars took place, "At sea, June 9th 1937 - 9:30 P.M."

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