Miss Mae Gleeson's 1926 Dance Review - Talented Tuesday

(Digital Images. Photograph and Program Privately Held By Cynthia Shenette.)

"Baby Ballet"
Christine (Szerejko) Shenette, left;
Bella Gubitosi and Shirley MacElroy

Fourth Annual 
Dance Revue
By the Pupils of
Miss Mae Gleeson

Wednesday Evening May 12, 1926
Pianist, Miss Catherine Moynihan

*** Programme ***
____     ____

Class Work

MARCH                                                                                CLASS
Eva May Bergstrom, Marie Callahan, Mary Cronin, Yvonne Carney, Mary Collins, Ruth Coash, Margaret Denton, Gertrude Domiano, Bella Gubitosi, Elizabeth Kennedy, Louise Macilvane, Mirian [Marian] McDonald, Eleanor Massey, Shirley MacElroy, Dorothy Payne, Ruth Sherry, Suzanne Stumpf, Kathleen Splaine, Christine Sharayko, Barbara Callahan, Janice Breatt, Elvira Gallo.

               Leaders, Alicia Rooney and Margaret Collins
Ruth Bergstrom, Olga Brousseau, Lillian Bergstrom, Francis Charamella, Margaret Collins, Mary Cronin, Catherine Donoghue, Irving Erickson, Kenneth Erickson, Gladys Fenn, Lionel Gaucher, Elvira Gallo, Walter Jette, Mary Kennedy, Helen Kulesza, Lois Legate, Anna Loftus, Harriet Larson, Esther Masterson, Donald Macilvane, Mary Perry, Alice Troy, Marguerite Perry, Phillis Prendergast, Grace Sherry, Jane Sherry, Hellen Spillane, Walter Whitney, Wanda Wasiak, Eleanor Massey, Mary Perry.

                                Leader, Janice Breatt
Bella Gubitosi, Shirley MacElroy, Christin Sharayko, Eva May Bergrstrom, Marie Callahan, Barbara Callahan, Mary Cronin, Yvonne Carney, Mary Collins, Ruth Coash, Margaret Denton, Gertrude Domiano, Elizabeth Kennedy, Louise Macilvane, Miriam McDonald, Eleanor Massey, Winifred Pierce, Dorothy Paine, Ruth Sherry, Suzanne Stumpf, Kathleen Splaine.

     Leaders, Marguerite Perry, Grace Sherry and Anna Loftus
Gladys Fenn, Alicia Rooney, Lillian Bergstrom, Catherine Donoghue, Francis Charmaella, Ruth Bergstrom, Olga Brousseau, Margaret Collins, Mary Cronin, Irving Erickson, Kenneth Erickson, Lionel Gaucher, Elvira Gallo, Walter Jette, Mary Kennedy, Helen Kulesza, Lois Legate, Harriet Larson, Esther Masterson, Donald Macilvane, Mary Perry, Marguerite Perry, Phyllis Prendergast, Jane Sherry, Helen Spillane, Walter Whitney, Eleanor Massey, Wanda Wasiak, Mary Perry.

                Leaders, Gladys Fenn and Francis Charamella
Mary Perry, Lionel Gaucher, Anna Loftus, Donald Macilvane, Barbara Callahan, Kenneth Erickson, Willifred Pierce, Irving Erickson, Ruth Sherry, Walter Jette, Louise Macilvane, Walter Whitney.

Private Work

 6. A High Kicker                 Phyllis O'Leary
 7. Highland Fling                 Janice Barber
 8. Nifty Steppers                 Catherine Groden and Dorothy Shannahan
 9. Syncopated Toe              Dorothy Rudge
10. Cake Walk                     Ruth Coash and Earl Colbert
11. A Dainty Dance              Catherine Donoghue
12. Baby Jazz                      Christine Sharayko
13. Glow Worm                   Louise Macilvane
14. Jazz Frisco                     Eleanor Rudge
15. Novelty Fox Trott           Elvira Gallo and Irving Erickson
16. The Dancing Girl            Barbara Callahan
17. Waltz Ballet                   Eleanor Massey
18. Swanee River                 Marguerite Perry
19. Tip Toe                         Rosalyn Barber
20. Acrobatic Waltz              Gladys Fenn
21. The Swagger Girl            Dorothy Shannahan
22. Russian Toe Dancer        Janice Breatt
23. Butterfly Dance              Catherine Groden
24. Military Toe                   Mary Perry
25. Buck and Wing Specialty Francis Charamella
26. From the Bowery            Dorothy and Eleanor Rudge
27. Jazzmania                       Elvira Gallo and Janice Barber
28. A little Pirate                   Ruth Sherry
29. A Specialty                     Warren Barber
30. Acrobatic Jazz                 Ruth Coash
31. A Bit of Ireland               Marie and Barbara Callahan
32. Gypsie Girls                    Alicia Rooney and Catherine Donoghue
33. Jazz Toe                         Shirley MacElroy
34. A Bit of Romance            Gladys Fenn and Francis Charamella
35. Dutchies                         Eleanor Massey, Rosalyn Barber, Louise Macilvane
36. Soft Shoe                        Harriet Laarson and Donald Macilvane
37. Dancing Dolls                  Janice Breatt and Gertrude Domiano
38. A Russian Baby               Bella Gubitosi
39. Military Maids                 Wanda Wasiak, Grace Sherry, Phyllis Prendergast
40. That Tumbling Boy          Earl Colbert
41. Shadowland Ballet           Catherine Groden, Alicia Rooney, Jane Sherry
42. Kutie Kids                       Ruth Sherry and Walter Jette
43. Waltz Unique                  Mary Perry and Irving Erikson
44. Novelty Clog                   Loretta Donaghue
45. Tickle Toe                      Grace Sherry
46. Hippidy Hop                    Marguerite Perry and Donald Macilvane
47. Ting-A-Ling Waltz           Alicia Rooney and Warren Barber
48. Jazarina                           Harriet Larson
49. A Flapper Flirtation          Jane Sherry and Franceis Charamella
50. The Dainty Girl                Elvira Gallo
51. Charleston Steppers          Gladys Fenn and Walter Thwing
52. Waltz Clog                       Phyllis Prendergast
53. Japanese Specialty            Phyllis O'Leary and Loretta Donohue
54. Twinkle Toe                    Gertrude Domiano
55. The Tango                       Mary and Marguerite Perry
56. Baby Ballet                      Bella Gubitosi, Christine Sharayko, Shirley MacElroy
57. Old and New                    Alicia Rooney
58. Whirlwind                        Grace and George Sherry
59. Tambourine Toe Dance    Alice Troy
60. The Swan Dance              Jane Sherry
61. Spanish Dancer                Wanda Wasiak
62. The Comedy Bakers         Gladys Fenn, Francis Charamella and Walter Thwing
63. The Sparkling Ballet          Mary Perry, Elvira Gallo, Gertrude Domiano, Eleanor Massey, Louise Macilvane, Janice Breatt, Ruth Sherry.
64. Miss Mae Gleeson

That's quite a program!  If you recognize or are related to any of the dancers listed here or remember Miss Mae Gleeson I'd love to hear from you!

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