95 Years Ago Today: WWI Pass To Paris - Treasure Chest Thursday

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A. P. O. 702.
December 26th 1918.
Pvt lcl Adoplph Szerejko, 1269507 has permission to be absent from this post from 9:00 AM until  10:00 PM this date for the purpose of visiting PARIS. Regulation Uniform.
Off the streets of Paris by 9 PM          H.C. Rasmussen [signature]
                                                              Commanding Officer.
                                                              Capt. Air S.

Last summer I finally emptied the last carton of stuff I saved from my mom's house after her house was sold in 2004. At the bottom of the box I found this certificate. It's a day pass giving my grandfather, Adolf Szerejko, permission to visit the city of Paris on December 26, 1918.

I couldn't believe such a small, seemingly inconsequential, scrap of paper survived in my family for 95 years!  I love it when I discover exactly where one of my ancestor's was on a particular day in history.  It's like I've been given the gift of sharing in their day from long, long ago.              

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