Picnic! - Wordless Wednesday

(Digital Image. Photograph Privately Held By Cynthia Shenette; Photograph and Text, Copyright (c) 2013 Cynthia Shenette) Summer is picnic time!  This photo was probably taken at one of St. Mary's (Our Lady of Czestochowa) parish picnics in Worcester, MA in the late 1910s.  My grandmother, Antonina (Bulak) Szerejko is the first young woman on the left.  I believe my grandfather, Adolf Szerejko, is the young man seated to her left.

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Claudia said...

Beautiful, it is hard to imagine your grandparents when they were young. I have a pic of my great grandparents and what an attractive they made.

Kristin said...

I have pictures of both sets of grandparents at two different picnics taken about the same time as this one was. They were dressed up, with the women in white dresses just like this. Sigh.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Claudia - It is hard to imagine your grandparents young. One of the things I love about these candids is everyone is so relaxed and real, so different than in the typical posed studio portrait. I feel like you really get a sense of the person in the photograph.

Kristin - The light or white dresses are lovely. It's nice, too, because the white dresses and shoes definitely indicate the photo was taken in the summer. My grandmother would have never worn white shoes out of season!

Thank you both for your comments!