The Civilian Conservation Corps in New Hampshire (Part 5) - Wordless Wednesday

(Digital Images. Photographs Privately Held By Cynthia Shenette; Photographs and Text, Copyright (c) 2013 Cynthia Shenette) Here is the latest round of photographs from my dad's photo album from the Civilian Conservation Corps at Campton, New Hampshire.  My dad, Henry Albert Shenette, was a man of few words when it came to documenting the photographs in his album.  So far I've only found one picture in the bunch that has any information on it.  The photo of my dad directly below says, "1934 Age 18."  Well, that's better than nothing. I'm just guessing mind you, but given that all of the photos are the same size and seem to be taken in colder weather, they were probably all taken around the same time.  Maybe between October and December of 1934?  Why do I think this?  My dad joined the CCCs on 17 April 1934 and his birthday was in February.  If the pictures were taken in 1934 and he was 18 years old they were probably taken at the end of the year, not the beginning.

Left: Henry Albert Shenette, 1934 Age 18
Right: Unknown Friend

Construction of the  Dam in Campton, New Hampshire
Construction of the Dam in Campton, New Hampshire

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Thank you for posting this. I write a blog that is about 3 years old about where I grew up in New England and welcome any of your comments. My Dad was in the CCCs' in New Hampshire and I am just starting my research on this subject.