Kids (And Adults) Say The Darndest Things, So Write Them Down!

(Copyright (c) 2012 Cynthia Shenette)  Sometimes my kid makes me laugh.  The other night he said to my husband, "Wow, Mitt Romney is older than you!" Wow, indeed.  Another amusing moment came a while back when we were out to dinner.  My husband ordered extra broccoli with his entree. When our meals finally arrived my son said, "I don't even like being NEAR broccoli!"  Given that kids really do say the darndest things it has finally occurred to me to write some of this stuff down, and not just just the kid comments either.

My mom wasn't an overly funny person, but every once in a while she would come out with something that would just would crack me up.  One day when my son was about two or three he and I stopped by for a visit.  I don't remember exactly what my son did (He probably burped or pooped on command or something.), but whatever it was my mom was sure that he had just displayed absolute brilliance in doing it.  Mom said to me, "He's a genius!  I just know it!  Well, after all, his father is brilliant!  Oh...and you're smart, too, you know."  Gee, thanks Mom.  Glad I took the time to get that master's degree.

Another time, before I was married, my soon-to-be husband sent me some flowers or made some kind of romantic gesture or something.  Again, I don't remember exactly what, but whatever it was it impressed my mom enough to comment, "I don't know where you'd find another one like that one. He's not like those other clowns you dated."  Mom was never one to mince words, but in this particular case I'll admit she was right.  Oh, and if any of those aforementioned "clowns" ever happen to read this post, well, enough said.

Have you written down family comments for posterity?  If so, which comments did you choose and why?  I'm glad I finally thought of it.  Hey, I'm smart, too, you know...

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