Hilda I. Bullock - Funeral Card Friday

(Digital Image. Funeral Card Privately Held By Cynthia Shenette; Text Copyright (c) 2012 Cynthia Shenette)

Hilda I. Bullock
Died February 11, 1964
Age 59

I have a number of funeral cards in my possession.  I know all the the people named on all of the cards except for one, Hilda I. Bullock.  I figured she was a relative given the name, but I didn't know exactly what the connection was and never took the time to investigate. Tonight I decided to do a quick search on Ancestry and learned that Hilda was the wife of John F. Bullock [Bulak]. John was my grandmother's first cousin, the son of Adam and Maryanna (Bialobrzywska) Bulak.  I mention Maryanna in this post here.

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