Climbing Over Rocky Mountain - Wordless Wednesday

(Original Image and Text, Copyright (c) 2012 Cynthia Shenette)  Gilbert and Sullivan reference aside, I have no idea where this photograph was taken.  My guess is that it was probably taken somewhere accessible via a trolley line from Worcester, Massachusetts.  I'm not sure who all the ladies in the photograph are, but I believe the woman in the white dress to the far left is my great-aunt, Helen Bulak.  My grandmother, Antonina (Bulak) Szerejko, was such a nervous person I can't imagine she was part of the group.  Maybe she was the one taking the photo from a safe spot across the way. The lady sitting looks as if she is about ready to slip off the cliff into the crevice below...

Update 4/25/12, 10:16 a.m.: I discovered the location of the photo!  The photograph was taken at Purgatory Chasm in Middletown, RI! I initially ruled out Purgatory Chasm in Massachusetts because the photo looked as if it was taken near the ocean, but I decided to search on Purgatory Chasm anyway.  I didn't realize there was a place with the same name near Newport, RI!  This is a great discovery, because I have other photos that may have been taken near the same spot!

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Barbara Poole said...

It looks a lot like Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park, ME, and your photo could be reversed.

Kristin said...

I get quesy just looking at this photo. Amazing ravine with the ladies clustered so close and the water. wonder if they went alone.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Barbara - Check out my update! I actually found the location of the photo. It wasn't Thunder Hole, but something you said made me decide to try searching on Purgatory Chasm. Bingo!

Kristin - The photo does make one queasy. Once I found the location, I also found vintage postcards of the spot with other people standing at the top of the cliff.

Heather Rojo said...

There is a crevice just like this in Ogunquit, Maine, too. You can see it when walking on the marginal way. I know folks from Worcester have been vacationing in York and Wells for a long, long time. Just an idea!