It's Cheaper Than Therapy, Or My Garden 2011 - Wordless Wednesday

My Annual and Veggie Garden

(Original Images and Text, Copyright (c) 2011 Cynthia Shenette)  One of the reasons I didn't blog much over the summer was that I was busy pulling weeds.  Does anyone have a really good recipe for salsa using cherry tomatoes and jalapeno peppers, by the way?


More Zinnias

Marigolds, and Too Many Cherry/Grape Tomatoes...

Morning Glory


My Veggie and Annual Garden (Again)

Hydrangeas and Marguerites



Peonies, Iris, and Hosta

Mock Orange

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Jasia said...

Well I'm impressed! Beautiful gardens and lovely pictures of them. I can see how your time was taken up with weed pulling. You are much more the gardener than I am!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Beautiful! This was the first year I didn't have a garden. In fact we tore them out and will be replacing them once we come up with a new design. I like yours with the small beds.

J. Green said...

Wow, what a gorgeous garden you have! I can see how that would take up a lot of your time, but it's all worth it in the end. How lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.

Carol said...

Oh, my, how lovely. I did not do a lot of anything this year in the garden, cept kill a few weeds. I missed almost all of my flowers except for coneflowers. I even lost a few plants while we were gone. Your gardens and flowers are lovely! JUST LOVELY!

Greta Koehl said...

What a beautiful, well-kept garden. I love the variety of flowers you have. We gardened some this summer, but it's getting ahead of us now; still, I hope to take a few days off to get everything in shape.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Jasia - Quite the compliment from someone who takes such great pictures and has the most beautiful roses.

Michelle - I'm sure you will get back to your garden as time allows. I will say, I love the small beds. A family friend made nine of the raised boxes for me out of plywood, and they are much easier to maintain than planting directly in the ground.

J. - It does take a lot of time over the summer. Let's just say my house doesn't look quite as good when I'm spending that much time outside. ;)

Carol - I'm sure you'll get back to your garden next year! The same thing happened to me last year. We were away for a month, and I came home to a weedy disaster! I spent half of June and July this year still trying to reclaim order.

Greta - Thank you so much for your compliment! My husband and I spent all day Saturday working outside trying to get things in order for fall. I loved your garden post a while back. I've always been a little intimidated by the care fruit trees involve though. Sounds like you were more than successful.

Susan Clark said...

Fabulous garden! I'm not precisely jealous, because I have no interest in working that hard - or perhaps I'm jealous of your ability to work that hard... Regardless, I am grateful you took the time to share this with us. A joy to look at.

Linda Gartz said...

Wow! Just gorgeous! No kidding cheaper than therapy - and cheaper than being a shopaholic too (well -- as one writer wrote: "I brake for plants." Soon must say farewell to my garden here in Chicago area.

Barbara Poole said...

I'm so glad you mentioned your pictures today...I love your cottage garden. You have a right to be proud. Thanks for sharing.