Not So Wordless Wednesday: Cotter's Leather Goods

(Copyright (c) 2010 Cynthia Shenette) I correspond with a very lovely lady, one of my online genealogy friends, via e-mail. Over the last couple of years we've exchanged information and research and occasionally do favors for one another. My friend's grandfather lived in Worcester, MA in the early 1900s and worked at his brother's stable on Exchange St. In the course of doing research for my friend, I learned that the Commercial St. and Exchange St. area in downtown Worcester was the center for the stables and horse trades back in the day. Interesting, given that the area is now mainly parking lots and businesses.

My family and I frequently, like almost every week frequently, eat dinner at the Uno's Chicago Bar and Grill nearby. We've been going there for years, and I've never noticed this sign for Cotter's Leather Goods. This time we probably drove through at just at the right time of day now that it's light later during the summer. While Cotter's wasn't my friend's family's business, it was in the area and kind of offers a little window back in time. If you are interested in seeing better photos than mine of Cotter's Leather Goods or are simply interested in old signs, check out the Fading Ad Blog. The Fading Ad Blog has an extensive photograph collection of old signs and fading ads from all over the country.

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