Trip to Poland, 1937 (An Ongoing Series): Bon Voyage

Well wishes from the friends at home. Names on the card are friends/family of my Aunt Helen Bulak, who was very active in the Polish community in Worcester, MA. If you had relatives living in Worcester in the Vernon Hill area of the city or active in St. Mary's church take a look at the list of people who signed the card. You might find someone there you know! Signers are: Rose Olskey, Mrs. Matuszyk, Helen Bruinsma, Mary Mulic, Helen Miller, Anna Szarejko [Szerejko], Mrs. Lewandowska, Sophie Konopka, Christine, Rose Miller, Jane Zaleski, Mary Lemanski, Vicky Szarkiewicz, Jane Sac[?], Anna Kulesza, Vi Koniski, Mrs. Nabozna, Mrs. Stokosa, Mrs. Buynicka, Mrs. Wojsiak, Mrs. Kaminska, Charlotte Kaminska, Stella Lewanas, Blanche Cyborowski, Mary Dumas, Mrs. Jablonski, Zendzians (2), Mrs. Turecka, Mrs. Gembaka, Eva Cove, Mrs. Fedeli, Mrs. Jos. Fedeli, Helene Birch, Regina, Helen "Bulak," Hilda Bulak, Mrs. Bulak, Mrs Wiejniak.


Basia said...

Cynthia, your blog is wonderful! I'm looking forward to reading about Helen's trip. I recognize some of the names on the greeting card as women whose families were involved with Millbury Street businesses: Mrs. Gebski (Millbury Furniture), the Zendzians (pharmacy), Mrs. Jablonski (guessing her husband was one of the Jablonski lawyers), the Fedelis (owned the Rialto). What treasures you have there!

Cynthia Shenette said...

Thank you so much for checking my blog out! I recognize some of the names of my Aunt Helen and grandmother Anna Szerejko's friends, but the ones you mentioned I didn't know. I believe Helen traveled with Katherine Gralicka and a Mrs. Pominanowska to Poland. I do remember Mrs. Gralicka quite well. Thanks for being a great resource for info on Worcester's Polish community.