St. Mary's School (Worcester, MA) Fundraiser - Treasure Chest Thursday

Dochod Szkoly
11 Kwientnia 1926 roku
Prosimy o poparcice wszystkie firmy oglaszajace sie w programie.

Benefit of the School
11 April 1926
Please support all businesses advertising in this program.

(Copyright (c) 2015 Cynthia Shenette) I know my grandparents, Antonina (Bulak) Szerejko and Adolf Szerejko, were involved with amateur theatricals at their church.  Here is a program from one that appears to have been a fundraiser for the St. Mary's School, the parish school for St. Mary's Church (now Our Lady of Czestochowa), in Worcester.  The fundraiser was held 11 April 1926.  I recognize some of the names of the performers on the program, obviously those of my grandparents Adolf and Antonina Szerejko, my grandmother's cousin Sophie (Kowalewski) Konopka, and my grandfather's best friend Chester W. Janowski.  I also recognize some of the other last names on the program from the old Vernon Hill neighborhood.  

According to a newspaper clipping from a 1923 performance, my grandfather use to perform as a magician, and his magic act was first in the program on this particular April night in 1926.  My grandmother, who had a lovely singing voice, sang and is listed as performing in a couple of the skits, no doubt playing the comic roles she so enjoyed.  The 1923 newspaper article mentions Chester Janowski was a musician and played the accordion.  On this program he plays the harmonica after my grandfather's magic act.

One of the things I love about researching my family history is it's like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  I like finding something like this program and consider it as one small piece in a bigger puzzle.  How does this piece relate to the other pieces in my collection?

The ads in this program are interesting in and of themselves.  If you look closely you can see handwritten notes on the program with what appear to be dollar amounts.  My guess is someone was recording the dollar amounts for the ads in the program.  There is an ad for my aunt Helen Bulak's dry goods business, Bulak and Pomianowska on Millbury Street, in the program.  The pencil notation looks as if she paid $2.00 to place her ad in the program.

I like looking at the individual ads and am in the process of trying to translate the text which will be the focus of another blog post.  I also like what the ads say as a whole.  The program kind of gives me a little peek into the Millbury St. business community. In a related project I am working on mapping the Millbury St. business community as it existed in 1926. While that might initially seem a bit unrelated to my specific family, it does provide some insight on what daily life was like in their little world at the time.

Please be kind regarding my translations.  I used a combination of Google Translate and Polish / English dictionaries, plus I tried to figure out what seemed to make the most sense.  If you recognize any of the names in the program I'd love to hear from you.  My plan is to do another post at some point about the ads and the 1926 Millbury St. mapping project I've been working on.  I also hope to post a translation of the script I have for the "Ostatnie dwa Ruble" or "The Last Two Rubles."

Enjoy the show!


PROGRAM [Left page]

Sztuki magiczne - A. Szerejko
Harmonija Solo - C.W. Janowski

PROGRAM [Left page]

Magical Arts - A[dolf]. Szerejko
Harmonica Solo - C[hester]. W. Janowski

PROGRAM [Right page]
Edward Nowozenski - A. Popko
Mary, jego zona - A. Kulesza
Rateklusia, panna sluzaca - Z. Kowalewska
4) Spiew Solo - L. Slotwinski

PROGRAM [Right page]
Edward Nowozenski - A. Popko
Mary, his wife - A. Kulesza
Rateklusia, maid - Z[ofia]. Kowalewska
4) Singing Solo - L. Slotwinski

PROGRAM [Right page]
8) dwa spiewy i muzyka ?
Akompanjament do spiewu A. Kiernozek

PROGRAM [Right page]
8) two songs and music ?
Accompanist to singing A. Kiernozek

PROGRAM [Left page]
5) "Goscie z Ogloszenia"

Lewicki, kupiec - H. Butkiewicz
Anna, jego zona - A. Kiernozek
Irena, icn corka - Z. Kowalewska
Piotr Bomba, wiesniak - C.W. Janowski
Barbara, jego zona - A. Szerejko
Waclaw Molski, buchalter - L. Slotwinski
Jan, sluzacy Lewickiego - A. Popko

PROGRAM [Left page]
5) " Guest of the Announcement"

Lewicki, merchant - H. Butkiewicz
Anna, his wife - A. Kiernozek
Irena, daughter - Z[ofia]. Kowalewska
Piotr Bomba, a villager - C[hester]. W. Janowski
Barbara, his wife - A[ntonina]. Szerejko
Waclaw Molski, bookeeper - L. Slotwinski
Jan, the servant of Lewicki - A. Popko

PROGRAM [Right page]
6) Spiew, Solo - Z. Kowalewska
Golnicki, student - A. Szerejko
Zdziebko, jego sluzacy - C. W. Janowski
Mama sluzaca wl. domu - A. Szerejko

PROGRAM [Right page]
6) Singing, Solo - Z[ofia]. Kowalewska
Golnicki, student - A[dolf]. Szerejko
Zdziebko, his servant - C[hester].W. Janowski
Mama maidservant at home - A[ntonina]. Szerejko

PROGRAM [Left page]
Udzial w spiewie

Z. Kowalewska         C. Janowski
  A. Kulesza                L. Slotwinski
    A. Szerejko               H. Budkiewicz
                              A. Popko 
                                A. Szerejko

PROGRAM [Left page]
Group singing

Z[ofia]. Kowalewska           C[hester]. Janowski
A. Kulesza                   L. Slotwinski 
A[ntonina]. Szerejko     H. Budkiewicz
                              A. Popko
                                           A[dolf]. Szerejko

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