Trip to Poland: August 15-16, 1937 - Konstancin, Warsaw, Truskawiec

Therapeutic Indications for Helena [Helen] Bulak from Dr. Wiktor Proszowski, Truskawiec Spa
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Therapeutic Indications for Helena Bulak,
Interior Pages
[Travel Diary Entry]

August 15 Sunday /
+ Monday /

Mass in Konstancin and / 40 hrs. devotion / After dinner packed and / went to Warsaw for Szerejkos / After supper went to / station. took train @ / 10.45 P.M. to Truskawiec Zdroj [Truskawiec Spa] / arrived Monday @ 10.50 A.M. / Met a couple on train / and directed me to the / Pensyonat Dom Wypoczynkowy [Guesthouse Recreation House] / Rodziny Urzednicy [Families Officiers] / Ul. Stoneczna [Sun Street]. / After dinner went to the Dr. Wiktor Proszowski gave / me daily Routine. / After supper went walking to / Park. and @ 10.30 bed.

(Therapeutic Routine in the Collection of Cynthia Shenette; Text Copyright (c) 2017 Cynthia Shenette)  One of the more interesting things about going through my Aunt Helen Bulak's travel diary and accompanying material methodically by date is it's given me a chance to put materials in context.  I always wondered what this piece of paper was, and why my Aunt went to the doctor in Poland.  Once I figured out she went to a mineral water healing spa, it put everything else in context.  

Under the heading "Picie Mineralnych Wod Truskawiekich [Drinking Mineral Waters of Truskawiekich]," I believe are recommendations for drinking at the various waters in Truskawiec, the fountains Barbara, Naftusia, Marja, Zofja, Jozia and Bronislawa.  At first I thought they were names of women, then figured out they were mineral water fountains / locations.  The flyer also gives therapeutic indications on mineral and mud baths, including the type of bath as well as the temperature.  Also listed are a page of diet choices.  I'm guessing the things on the diet page that have been crossed out are the foods Dr. Proszowski recommended my aunt avoid.  

There are only a couple more travel entries in my Aunt's diary, so the dates on the page indicating Przepis Kapielowy [Bath Recipe] give me a hint that my aunt may have remained in Truskawiec through August 30, 1937.  

I'd love to do some additional analysis on this document for fun, perhaps at a later time.  If you read Polish and can shed additional light on Dr. Proszowski's recommendations or Truskawiec during the 1930s I'd love to hear from you!  

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